First Impressions Count

Perhaps you cannot judge a book by its cover, but you can judge a structure by its roof lines. In most cases, the type of roof determines the style and image projected by a home. Consider how the roof drives the first impressions made by these elegant homes.

Modern Style 

Modern structural design is often characterized by the flat roof & low slopes as they create long horizontal lines, similar to the wide horizon seen in nature.

Craftsman Style 

The over-extended eaves of a Craftsman roof lend themselves to having spacious porches on the front with lots of decorative details.

Hip Style 

The Hip roof provides an elegant look where all sides are sloped. Combined with other roof styles, the hip can greatly improve curb appeal of a home.

Shed Style

The Shed style roof has a single slope that can vary in steepness depending on the design of the home.

Cape Cod Style 

A Cape Cod style roof has an asymmetrical design with a steep pitch to the roof on the back with a shallow pitch on the front. These homes are often seen with dormers. 

Colonial Style 

Colonial style homes have a traditional elegance that is bold and beautiful. They are usually two stories high and have grand front entrances with tall columns.